Wasaga Beach


Windows are responsible for 30% of heat loss in a home. Lets make sure yours are doing their job. So if your annual heat bill is $1500 - 450 of that is going through your windows. If we can save 50% of that we are looking at $225 saving. At current interest rates you could spend 7500 and you would break even. In addition the value of your investment (your home) will increase.

New or Replacement we think vinyl windows are the only way to go.  Nothing to warp twist or shrink.  Nothing to rot.  Nothing to paint. You will have to wash from time to time though.  Please come to the store and let us give you the lowdown on our products.  We can then come and help you measure to get a price.  Installation is available too.


Opens outward and hinged on the side. Our best performing windows against snow, wind and rain.

Designed to keep harsh weather out, our casement windows are energy efficient, reliable and practical. They open out to a full 90 degrees via dual- or single-arm crank operators and are hinged at the side, making them a great choice for the main and upper levels of your home.


Our single hung windows are easy-to-clean and take up no additional space when open.

The bottom sash slides up to open, stays in place, and tilts in for quick and easy cleaning. Since our single hung windows do not open outward, they’re a great choice for rooms that face decks, porches and walkways.

Enjoy reduced energy costs with our improved version of this classic window design.


Choose our double hung windows when ease of cleaning and air flow are your top priorities.

The top and bottom sashes slide up and down and stay in position, providing increased air flow into your home. Both sashes also tilt in for quick and easy cleaning of the entire window. And because our double hung windows do not open outward, they’re an excellent choice for rooms that face decks, porches and walkways.